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This time, we finish up our review of Final Fantasy x-2. We discuss the design, music, and legacy of the game. We also move on to read, and discuss some of our listener reviews, and answer their questions about the game. Enjoy the finale!



Final Fantasy X-2 was released for the ps2 on March 13th, 2003 in Japan, on November 18th in america, and February 19th, 2004 in Europe. Later, an HD remaster would come for the Ps3 and finally the Ps4 just last year.


It was to be the first ever direct sequel to a main-series final Fantasy game. There was no plans for a sequel, but with the short video called Eternal calm (which was released with a special edition of FFX in Japan) was so well received by fans that they decided to continue X’s story. Although many people in the company were hesitant about doing a sequel to X (especially Kazushige Nojima), Yoshinori Kitase decided that his team was ready for a challenge.


Not only was their challenge to do a sequel, but to attempt to make a game centered entirely around female characters. The game was also attempting to go away from the Macho female characters most hollywood action movies star. This created a light-hearted feel for the entire game. A brain-hurting difference from the more somber Final Fantasy X.


There was also a purposeful change in theme for the game, FFX was all about gaining independence, while X2 would be about the consequences of independance.


The development time for X2 was very short compared to that of most FF games (according to Tetsuya Nomura), taking an estimated year-and-a-half less time than the development of X. This was due to all of the reuse of many character models, it’s not like they had to start from scratch.


The music would be composed by Noriko Matsueda and Takahito Eguchi (composers for the much-maligned game “The Bouncer”). The most famous song from the game (one of 2 pop songs) was the ballad “1000 words” sung by sung by Kuni Koda in Japan, and Jade Villalon for the English edition.


X2 would go on to sell 1.94 million copies in Japan (the highest selling game of that year) and 1.85 Million in America. It was also well acclaimed (more so in Japan) for it’s departure from the Final Fantasy form, it’s focus on side-quests, it’s political background, and it’s overall uniqueness from anything players had seen before.


But I ask you, does unique really mean good?



So… The uh story starts out at a fucking terrible pop concert with the “what can I do for you?” song blaring out of our TV speakers. Someone who looks like Yuna is singing terribly and YRP comes to save...Yuna’s garment grid from a disgusting looking woman named Lablanc.


What is a garment grid?

YRP stands for Yuna, Rikku, and a new smoking hot emo chick named “Paine”, and they make up the Gullwings (y’know, not enough nicknames for the group). They are a group of sphere hunters searching the world for rare spheres… and stealing them from people who they think shouldn’t have them.


When Yuna finds a sphere with what looks like Tidus on it, she sphere hunts even harder for the missing pieces. Also on the sphere, a dangerous weapon, the vegnagun, is shown to be hidden somewhere in spira. A weapon powerful enough to destroy Spira, apparently.


In the midst of all the sphere hunting and the Leblanc Syndicate (functioning like a lame team rocket) attempting to snatch the spheres from under our heroes noses, are the political factions of the Youth league and New Yevon. The Youth league, young ruffian sphere hunters looking to educate the world about the past; New Yevon, holding onto the teachings of the faith that failed them in FFX. THese two fractions never really do any harm to one another or fight for power in any real world sense, but hey, that’s ffx2.


With the new threat of Vegnagun, Nooj (leader of the Youth League), sets off to destroy the Vegnagun, but is possessed by Shuyin (the Tidus-looking dude). Chasing after him, Yuna falls into the farplane where the Spirit of Shuyin reunites with whom he thinks is “Lenne”, apparently a famous popstar Shuyin was unable to save with the power of Vegnagun from the Zanarkand he belongs to… 1000 years in the past.


A quick aside, who is this shuyin guy and why does he look like Tidus?

(not actually explained in this game, but we can figure it out)


The reason Shuyin mistakes Yuna for Lenne is because Yuna is wearing her dress sphere. Soon Yuna begins to relive Lenne’s memories, and eventually uses her singing ability and songwriting skills to bring the people of Spira together for…… a concert.


After this, Yuna, The Lablanc syndicate, members of The Youth League, as well as members of New Yevon, team up to finally destroy Vegnagun and the spirit of Shuyin who tries to control it.


After all is said and done, Spira is saved, and The Youth League compromises with New Yevon.


The end?


Taken from neoseeker.com:


Good Ending

As Yuna is walking in the flower field in the Farplane, press "X" and Yuna will hear a whistle. She looks around to hear where it's coming from. That little Fayth guy will appear and tell you that he's heard your wish to see Tidus again. He will then ask you if you want to see him again and you have to answer. If you really hate Tidus and answer "I'm fine with the way it is," Yuna will tell the Fayth that she doesn't need to see him because he's in her heart. The Fayth will disappear and you'll just get the Normal Ending.

Assuming that you chose "I want to be with him" the Fayth will tell you that he'll try to bring him back, but there's no promises. Yuna will walk away and you'll see the cut scene for the Normal Ending. After the credits run through, you'll see the scene at the end of FFX where Tidus is in the water. This time, he'll emerge outside Besaid Island. He whistles and swims towards the shore, at which time the Celsius comes roaring in, and Yuna jumps out and embraces Tidus. Yuna asks if he's the real thing to which he answers, "what do you think?" Yuna nods in agreement. Paine and Rikku look on, smiling for their friend from the Celsius. As they're hugging,Wakka shouts out from the shore. Most of the population of the Island is there witnessing their reunion, including Lulu and the new baby Vidina. Yuna and Tidus agree to go meet them and start running towards the shore. Tidus tells Yuna that she's changed. She responds by saying that a lot of things have happened. Tidus yells out that he wants to hear about it. The camera zooms out to a fade.

Explanation? (a guy from reddit)


I think it's because the fayth felt indebted to Yuna because she released them from their dreaming at the end of X, and she also saved them at the end of X-2. Because the little boy/Bahamut asks Yuna if she wants to meet someone, and that's how you unlock the "Good" ending. So maybe he and the rest of Yuna's aeon's fayth dreamed up Tidus again? As kind of a thank you and compensation for Yuna's work.

I'm not too sure. This is just my theory of it.

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