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This week, we bring you our retrospective episode on the Final Fantasy series as a whole. We go through each game, highlighting our overall experience of each Final Fantasy. We discuss the evolution of the series as a whole, covering which Final Fantasies naturally led into another, and which ones were one offs. We discuss the outstanding audio, visual, and storytelling elements of the series, and also discuss the leap to online Final Fantasy games, and whether or not they should have been numbered entries into the series. Enjoy the episode, and here's to the new season of Ultima Final Fantasy!




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This week, we discuss the victors in the 2015 UFF Final Fantasy Podcast Awards. The categories were:

Best Rant

Best Impersonation

Best 2015 Final Fantasy Release

Best Ultima Final Fantasy Podcast Episode

Worst Ultima Final Fantasy Episode

Best Non-Wiki Final Fantasy Fan-Site

Best Competing Final Fantasy Show

Best Final Fantasy Parody Song

It was almost a Kaleb sweep, winning in Best Impersonation, Best Ultima Final Fantasy Podcast episode, not winning in Worst Ultima Final Fantasy episode. Joe pulled a victory in the Best Rant category, and the Best Final Fantasy Parody Song. We also would like to congratulate TheLifestream.net for sweeping the competing categories, winning both the Best Non-Wiki Final Fantasy Site, and Best Competing Final Fantasy show. We then move to weigh in on some user submitted questions.

Enjoy the Grind!!!



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Join us for the finale of our review of Final Fantasy XIV. This time, we cover the Gameplay elements leading up to the patch. We get Krinital and Judge Cloudprod to reveal their lists. We discuss the integration of the job systems, discuss the disconnect associated with the cut scenes, when you click through the dialogue material. We move on to cover the design of the game, comparing it to it's predecessor Final Fantasy XIII. We discuss the ups and downs of the games look, generally praising it's appearance, even if the quality is technically lessened. Now, comes the music. We highly praise his work with Final Fantasy XIV's soundtrack. It's both atmospheric, and memorable. We get our guests opinions on Final Fantasy XIV's place in the series as a whole. Then the list, and final ranking!


We're also doing our 2015 UFF Podcast awards! Check out our site and vote!


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We made it! We finally finished Final Fantasy XIV up to Heavensward. Join us, Krinital, and Judge Cloudprod as we discuss the storyline associated with the four patches leading up to Final Fantasy XIV's first expansion, Heavensward. We also get Krinital's expert opinion on the game as a whole.

We have also started up the voting for the UFF 2015 Podcast awards, so get on our forums and nominate your favorite moments! Enjoy the episode!

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