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This week on UFF, Kaleb and Joe dive into the newly released Episode Ardyn Prologue and then discuss whether or not turned-based battle systems are a thing of the past. Enjoy!

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This week on UFF, Kaleb and Joe talk about the official Final Fantasy XIII short story, "Episode i". They also decide to play the original Dissidia. Sorry for the late upload. Enjoy!

You can read the fan translation of the story here:


Or listen to the Scott Spot audio version here:


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This week, Kaleb and Joe review the Final Fantasy XV expansion that was recently released as a stand-alone title: Final Fantasy XV: Comrades!

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This week, Schweiss and Joe take the week off thanks to Greg Troyan and his bassist pal Steve Smith. Join them as they discuss why we aren't playing this title, why it's important to play, and what series they led to. Enjoy the review!

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