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This week, Kaleb and Joe discuss the planned, and pulled, Final Fantasy Fortress. They review the available information on the project, and discuss possible reasoning behind the funding issues for the now defunct Grin studios. They also go off the deep end involving film, as usual, and answer a question or two. Make sure you get your type 0 questions and reviews in before next week!

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This week, Schweiss and Joe continue their discussion of Vagrant Story. Enjoy their tales from the final boss fight, discussion on music, the look of the game, and finally, the Ivalice Alliance ranking. 

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This week, Kaleb and Joe have finally finished the epicly difficult Vagrant Story. Enjoy as they dive into the deep story and even deeper gameplay present within this 200 classic. Enjoy the episode!

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This week, Kaleb and Joe assemble the ultimate Frankenstein's monster of a Final Fantasy game from the dismembered limbs of the previous entries in the series. They also complain about the post office, and tell their Vagrant Story failures for the week. Enjoy!

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This week, in light of underestimating the brutality of Vagrant Story, Joe and Schweiss tackle a bit of FFVII Remake news, slap a few hands, and read the first chapter of the Final Fantasy X-2 novel. Enjoy!


Read along here: http://ffx3chat.createaforum.com/general-discussion/~eternal-cost~-french-to-english-translation-47/

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