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In this episode, we discuss what Final Fantasy games we think will be re-released and through what mediums. We answer questions of the week, as well as introducing our new jingle for the segment. We discuss the Final Fantasy XV news, and adress some problems with the battle system and there not being a female playable character in the game. We discuss Final Fantasy Type-0, and talk about the gore in the video being a step in the right direction. We will also be doing a poll on who we should research and talk about for next weeks Spotlight episode.

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Final Fantasy XV's director has a new song!

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The Mahgun has thawed, and this commentary episode of Final Fantasy Unlimited has finally been released!

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In news this week, Final Fantasy XV has a new trailer as well as a gameplay video. We discuss the epicness of these trailers, as well as discussing the new trailer for Final Fantasy Explorers, and Final Fantasy Agito+. We talk about Tetsuya Nomura moving off of Final Fantasy XV to continue working on Kingdom Hearts III. We talk about Hajime Tabata finishing up. We remember Tabata from Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core. We also anser a user submitted question and muse about the outcome of Final Fantasy XV.

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We discuss Hironobu Sakaguchi's interview where he discusses "Hating Square Enix's Business Side." We also discuss the hiring of team members to complete Kingdon Hearts 3. We have a character battle pitting Final Fantasy IV's Cecil against Final Fantasy V's Buttz/Bartz/Bahtz. We also introduce a future podcast where we review books once a month! And, last but certainly not least, we introduce a new segment based on user questions/submissions. We discuss an alternate way to get the Lionheart in Final Fantasy VIII, and discuss which Final Fantasy game we are most excited to play.

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This episode, we discuss the Final Fantasy V sequel movie; Final fantasy: Legend of the Crystals. We discuss the quality of the film, as well as it's loose connection to Final Fantasy V. We also discuss the Final Fantasy Theatrym demo, as well as newly announced changes to Final Fantasy: Type 0. Final Fantasy: Type 0 will not have a multiplayer mode, and will be abandoning the sleep leveling function it previously had. We discuss the possible similarities between Final Fantasy XV's release and Final Fantasy XIII's, leading us to believe that the game will come out somewhat recently after the official release date.

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It's been a long, hard journey through Super Sexy Swingin' Fan Fiction. We are gushing hot sweet tears in the absence of one of our favorite segments. It all cums down to this final chapter.

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The Mahgun has thawed!!!! Finally up for release, commentary #4. Enjoy guys!

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We discuss Ultima Final Fantasy's fan content, reading reviews and answering questions from our fans. We also discuss Final Fantasy Type-0 being "released" in the US within the next 12 months. We discuss our favorite titles up to this point, and talk about which of the Final Fantasy games we've each completed. We also discuss our favorite side quests within the Final Fantasy universe, as well as other noteworthy quests.

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