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This episode, we discuss the popular internet theory involving Squall, our fearless leader of Final Fantasy VIII, dying at the end of disc one. We discuss the theories strong points, and also its not so strong ones. We assess the theory, and also a rebuttal we found online, and reveal which opinion we side with, and why! 

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Game Chapters:

Fire Cavern

SeeD Field Exam

SeeD Inauguration

First Mission

Timber TV Station

Galbadia Garden

Tomb of the Unknown King


Galbadia D-District Prison

Galbadia Missile Base

Secret of Balamb Garden

Fishermans Horizon

Occupied Balamb

Trabia Garden

Clash of the Gardens

White SeeD Ship


Lunatic Pandora


Time Compression

The Future

Ultimecia Castle









8.15 million copies, 3rd largest ff game






In my last playthrough of FFVIII I only summoned a GF once in the entire game.  I found it much easier to just optimize the Junction system and ignore summoning GFs while in battle.


So, I have two questions for you:


Did you find yourself using the GF command often in battle?


Who was your favorite GF?



We seriously need more FF final dungeons to be like this.


FF3 had an epic final dungeon as you guys know *laughs*

FF5 had a great final dungeon area, lots of bosses and it felt like a real journey to The Void

FF6 was pretty atmospheric

FF7 was atmospheric and felt like a trek to the Lifestream part of the planet's core


Then we have FF8 which was a arguably one of the best. Maybe not as loved or iconic as say FF7's final dungeon but FF8 really nailed it for the final dungeon area.


Great music

puzzles, exploration, rooms and unique enemies and bosses

exciting final boss


All made for a great dungeon.


What are your thoughts on the final dungeon of FF8 and do you think it is one of the best in the FF series?

Would you like to see a return for more final dungeons like this in future games?


After completing the game, how do you feel about the junction system?


Did you guys break it in any of the ways that you can or did you try to play the game without abusing it?



In most Final Fantasy games there tend to be parts that really suck me in and keep me playing.  The pacing is just perfect and inspires me to continually make progress.  There are also parts of each game that seem to drag on much longer than they should.  These are parts that often cause me to lose my momentum or put the game down for days at a time.


In your playthrough of FFVIII which sections of the game do you think were the best paced and which were the worst paced?

Shinru FF8 Review:

First off let just get what is wrong with the game out of the way first.


The battle system, drawing system, junction system, magic and enemies levelling up with you in the game.

Maybe if they worked on it more it could have been better but what we got wasn't that good.


I basically played the game and never even went over level 20 with Squall.

drawing magic early on is a chore, magic is ruined because you never want to use it and waste it.

junction magic and re arranging it becomes tedious especially if you switch party members.

The battle system can easily be broken, basically I got the Lionheart and kept Squall always low health and would press the circle button constantly until his limit break would trigger and then I would just kill basically every boss in either 1-3 turns of repeating this.


Also the card game is really hard once rules change and unless you look up guides you don't really know what you are doing and it makes for a very annoying experience.


Now for the good.


that Siren summon :)

Zell is awesome.

Laguna is awesome.

Quistis is hot.

Rinoa is beautiful.

Squall is fun for some angsty teens to relate with... and he creates a language out of just using ellipsis to speak lol. Now one thing I enjoy is that he progresses as a character and once he really gets his act together thanks to Rinoa he changes and becomes a better person. I really liked that character development.


As far as the story goes I really like the idea of "time travel and outer space witches in a scifi world"


Ragnarok is the coolest airship ever to be in an FF game I think.


Find Your Way is a great creepy and eerie song.


Mashing square during summons is fun because you finally get something to do during summons, although they are way too long in this game. I did enjoy the idea though.


I enjoyed the game's "romance" theme and I know lots of fans like myself like the game because of it.

That Waltz for the Moon balroom dance scene was fun and even the part in outer space where Squall has to catch Rinoa is great.


And yes even the ending when Eyes on Me plays is fun. I actually like the song unlike some people :P


Overall I enjoyed the game but its the weakest of the PS1 FF games, FF7 and FF9 are much better.

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Final Fantasy VIII


Final Fantasy VIII was released for the PlayStation in 1999; February 11th in Japan, September 9th for North America, and October 27th for Europe.The game arrived on PC for Windows in 2000. It has also been available in the PlayStation Network since 2009. The game was developed and published by Square.

Final Fantasy VIII’s development began in 1997, while Square was working on the English localization of Final Fantasy VII. The beloved and treasured Hironobu “The Gutch” Sakaguchi served as the games executive producer, while primarily working on his own demise; which takes the form of 2001’s Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. This lent the position of director for the game to Yoshinori Kitase. The battle system for Final Fantasy VIII was designed by Kitase and none other than Hiroyuki Ito.

For the visual design, Kitase knew he wanted a combination of fantasy and realism. He aimed to create a cast of characters who appeared to be ordinary people. Tetsuya Nomura and art director Yusuke Naora worked tirelessly to achieve this feel by creating realistically proportioned characters. Naora also attempted to enhance realism by bright lighting effects while creating appropriate shadows. They also used motion capture technology to give the games characters more lifelike movements in the FMV sequences.

The designers felt compelled to invert the atmosphere of the previous games, which were themed as light emerging from darkness. This decision was easy for the team, since they almost all worked on Final Fantasy VII, and felt a new direction was a good idea. The world designs were improved from the last title, due to the experience the team had working within their graphical boundaries. Another part of the “realism” theme that Kitase so desired, was noted with the realistically inspired architecture for the areas. This is noted with the Ancient Egyptian and Greek architecture. We also see a nod to Paris, while throwing a super high tech city in the mix to give it a different, futuristic feeling as well.

In an attempt to maintain a foreign atmosphere, the characters designs were predominantly European in appearance. The first Final Fantasy VIII character to be developed was Squall. Nomura gave squall a fur jacket as a challenge to the games FMV designers. Thankfully, they accepted the challenge, and the jacket looks super realistic. Even if it seems slightly out of place… Nomura also found a place for some previously designed characters, such as Edea, Fujin, and Raijin. Nomura designed Edea based on the style of Yoshitaka Amano.

Final Fantasy VIII also featured the series’ first lyrics based song. This took the form of Eyes on Me, by Faye Wong.


The game received positive reviews, and was also commercially successful. In just two days after the North American release, Final Fantasy VIII became the top selling video game in the US, and would remain in that spot for over two weeks. As of March 31, 2003 the game had shipped 8.15 million copies worldwide. This was the fastest selling Final Fantasy title at the time.


BENZYH - Find Your Way (Final Fantasy VIII) (Nobuo Uematsu) REMIX

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Final Fantasy Explorers:

According to Siliconera, Japanese Amazon reviews on the new monster-hunter-like Final Fantasy game note that although people liked the game, most were expecting something MORE similar to Monster Hunter. Insead, there were many complaints that there was too much walking in the game, being compared to Final Fantasy XI. There has been talk of a patch to address these problems, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.


Final Fantasy XIV:

The last patch of the current patch cycle for the game, before the release of Heavensward, patch 2.5 entitled “Before the Fall”, is not only an ominous title, but also a patch of epic proportions. This is what we know about the patch according to Square Enix:


“Part one of Before the Fall is scheduled for the mid to end of January with the release of patch 2.5, which contains myriad challenges for adventurers of every persuasion. The patch will include roughly two-thirds of the final main scenario quests, three new dungeons, and the conclusion of the Crystal Tower questline and the World of Darkness. The patch will also feature the adventures of Hildibrand─agent of enquiry, inspector extraordinaire─on his latest (and perhaps final?) investigation, a new battle against Odin, the Dark Divinity of legend, in Urth’s Fount, new gear for gatherers and crafters, numerous new recipes, and more. We have plenty planned to make this patch a befitting prelude to the end of the 2.X storyline.


There will be much to do in patch 2.5, and before we bombard you with more in part 2, we’ll be offering players a change of pace with patch 2.51, which focuses on the introduction of the Gold Saucer. It bears mentioning, however, that the establishment is known as the Manderville Gold Saucer in Eorzea. You’ll have to check it out for yourself to figure out where this moniker came from. Including chocobo racing, chocobo breeding, and the return of the FF card game Triple Triad, you can look forward to a fun and relaxing time in the Gold Saucer.


Part two of Before the Fall is scheduled for the end of March, closing the curtain on the story that brought about the rebirth of Eorzea. What trials and tribulations await the Warrior of Light? What drastic turn of events will grant passage to the reclusive nation of Ishgard? Only time will tell.”


Final Fantasy XV:


According to gameranx:

Final Fantasy 15 lead game designer Wan Hazmer shared some new details regarding the game in a panel named The History and Future of Final Fantasy. We'll pass over details mentioned before and discuss what they revealed here that's new.

Wan stressed the importance of camping periodically. Basically, camping is when you have an opportunity to power your self up, using food you can prepare using different ingredients. These effects gradually decrease in time, giving you incentive to camp again. Also an incentive to camp is experience. While you earn experience throughout the game, you can only 'cash in' that experience and level up at camp.

The game will now have a 60 minute day/night cycle. 40 minutes of that will be daytime, and 20 minutes night. The doubling of a day from 30 to 60 minutes implies there are some tasks that will take you a considerable amount of time to accomplish.

Final Fantasy XV:

As per the recent interview between Famitsu and Hajime Tabata:

They’re trying to make a more realistic feel to the games dimensions. They based the town we saw in the most recent trailer on the people and design of the Bahamas. We will be able to talk to NPC’s, and they will react accordingly to a prince in their presence. Boob jiggle for Cid used to be insane, but is being altered.


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FF10 - Someday The Dream Will End (Folk/Medieval Remix) by Exsanquis

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