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Yessss.... It's time! Join Kaleb and Joe as they recount the story, and their experiences with Final Fantasy XI: Rise of the Zilart! 


Once upon a time, there was an ancient race of people called the Zilart. They wanted to harness the power of the crystals below Vana’Diel to bring about Paradise thousands of years ago... This plan was being cock blocked by the Shadow Lords “”””noise”””””. His defeat has silenced him. We set about investigating this shit.

We meet an old woman, from yet another lost civ, named the Kuluu. The Kuluu were opposed to the Zilart’s plan of Paradise, and destroyed their base. This led to the entire race to be cursed, and turned into freakishly demented renditions of the Tonberry.

THe adventurer then travels the lands in search of 8 fragments of light, scattered around the whole fucking planet in these cermet headstones. The adventurer must then bring them to the island of Zepwell, where the Dawnmaidens, another fucking race of people opposed to the Zilarts, will guide your path.

After obtaining the fragments of light, we arrive at the Chamber of Oracles, where you fight a trio of Antica before meeting up with the Dawnmaidens. They let you in on the fact that the FIve Ark Angels, and all of the races of Vana Diel, were created from crystals. They urge the player to go to Delfucks tower to stop the Zilart princes.

Using Aldo’s sister, Verena, Ealdnarche is able to tap into the Memory of the Ancients stored within, and reactivates Delfucks Tower. Verena is cast aside, and Ealdnarche teleports to Tu Lia. The party returns to Norg, and finds out that the player needs  cerulean crystals to place into the Hall of the Gods. Once these are obtained, we pass through the gates, and arem et by Yve’noile, a Dawnmaiden. She explains that the Zilart divided the power of the crystals into smaller crystals. A meltdown occured, and the energy released led to all living things on Vana’diel. Yve’noile begs us to defeat the Eald’narche and free him from his binds.

Now for the fun part. We head to Ala’Loff Amphitheater in Tu’Lia, and defeat the five Ark Angels. Lion eventually joins up, and invites us on a hot cruise once this shit blows over.

When the player reaches the core of Tu’Lia, Lion, Zeid, and Aldo are already battling Eald’narche, but he crushes their frail bodies. We are offered one last chance at joining him in paradise, which I desparately tried to accept, we attack. Once Eald’narche is defeated by us, he tries to restart the crystal line before it’s completed. This starts a meltdown to destroy everything. This is when Lion casts herself into the core to stop everything. Yve’noile appears, and gets Eald’narch to return to the crystal.

We go tell Gilgamesh about his dead daughter, who apparently was adopted. He seems to shrug it off, and Verena states that she can sense her presence in this world, and doesn’t believe she is dead…...


REMIX: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3TnSMXcp2Hg

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This week, we join hands with the man, the myth, the legend; Krinital. We've owed this guy a Patreon episode for some time now, and our schedules FINALLY align. Join us for all of Krinital's favorites throughout the series, and of course his final rankings for the Final Fantasy series. Enjoy the grind!

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This week, Kaleb and Joe discuss their many adventures within Last Mission. This rogue dungeon crawler was released with the international version of Final Fantasy X-2, and features gameplay unlike any game we've ever seen. We discuss the light amount of story, and the insanely different gameplay present. We top things off with the games design, and touch on the few new musical tracks that the game has to offer. We finish up with the games legacy, and rank it among the rest of the Final Fantasy X saga. Enjoy!

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Join us for the return of the commentaries. This time, we cover Episode 8.

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This week, Joe and Kaleb discuss the plethora of news that has come out since they did a normal episode. They discuss everything from Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, to new Final Fantasy XV stuff. Enjoy!




Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Nine minutes of gameplay. Heightened visuals, Zodiac Job system. Awesome.



FFVII 2D ride in Dubai opening soon. Road trip?


World of Final Fantasy October 25, Sephiroth Summon as a preorder bonus. The game will be over 100 hours without side quests, there will be 200 minigames.


FFXV: Still hinging on the super open world game. Not much linearity present. Prompto takes pics, can be shared on Social Media.

FF XV Director answers 16 fan questions at E3:Still going forward with the wait mode option… This completely pauses the gameplay when you’re not pressing anything. Gives you more time to strategize. Players can turn off the HUD to create a more immersive experience. Prompto takes photo’s himself, but you can stop and take your own. There’s a monster-fighting ring in Altissa. There will be an option to grind out levels in order to crush your enemies, but you can also counter high level enemies with skill and prowess in battle. THere will be a t least two control layouts, though they may do a third. 200 hours of gameplay to clear everything. There won’t be a lot of Astrals, or summons, in the game. Chocobo’s will attack on their own..


FFXV Preorder and Special editions will come with a slew of extra contenct including extra weapons, colorings, and a Lucis Kingdom Suit for Noctis.



Well, they added 10,000 more copies of FFXV Ultimate Collectors Edition, but it’s already fucking sold out. So there’s that.



Square released a day and night cycle located at the Hammerhead Gas station. http://www.siliconera.com/2016/05/20/final-fantasy-xv-shows-hammerhead-day-night-cycle-time-lapse-video/


Final Fantasy Disease was infecting members of SE. They couldn’t imagine anything other than their vision for FF. Need to be rooted out, and dealt with accordingly!!!!!



FFXV VR Mission with Prompto… Thougths?


A Kings Tale Side scroller announced as FF XV Preorder bonus. This game will take pace in a ficticious 30 years before FF XV. Features retro graphics, and fast paced combat.

Final Fantasy Brotherhood Episode 2: Dogged Runner


Kingsglaive Character Bios released- http://gematsu.com/2016/05/kingsglaive-final-fantasy-xv-details-protagonist-supporting-characters


Final Fantasy VII Monopoly announced. Players will become Shinra-esque, and try to own all the properties. There haven’t been any leaks of the board as of yet.





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