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In the news this week:

  • A new Final Fantasy XIV inspired resturant is opening in Japan, it's name: The Eorzea cafe.
  • Square-Enix's CTO, in charge of the engine for Final Fantasy XIV's remake, has stepped down, and is to be replaced.
  • Tetsuya Nomura is at comic-con, and he's signing Batman posters!
  • Final Fantasy XV rumors abound! Possible Steam leak regarding a possible PC release for the game, yet no official statement from square...


  • An in-depth biography for Final Fantasy artist, Yoshitaka Amano, in which we discuss his career and the impact he's had on Final Fantasy
  • Why are ther no Final Fantasy novelizations?


  • UFF Podcast: Back to School Spectacular!! Make sure you stick around through august, it's gonna be awesome!


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Final Fantasy Unlimited finally came in the mail, Joe and Kaleb Craig sit down to watch the short-lived anime from Square-Enix. Enjoy our first commentary!

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  • Gay Pride Parade in Final Fantasy XIV!
  • What we now know about Final Fantasy Record Keeper
  • Square-Enix's decision to bring Type-0 to the west, as well as the controversy surrounding the unofficial translation that took many people thousands of hours to complete.

Super Sexy Swingin' Fan Fiction

A short, yet still disgusting third part to Kanzen's epic erotic Final Fantasy VII fan fiction.

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A mini Ultima Final Fantasy Episode--first of its kind! Itunes review winner is announced! We love you all!

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Final Fantasy XIV has some patch issues.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper is announced, although we don't know anything about it.



This week we finally finished Final Fantasy IV!!!! We bring in a special guest to discuss various versions of the game, what we thought of the story, gameplay, and music, and our thoughts on Final Fantasy IV as a whole. Often regarded as Final Fantasy II in the west we go through the entire developement process and fawn over this classic RPG.

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Final Fantasy XIV has a new patch!
Hironobu Sakaguchi announces his new game!
Final Fantasy IX turnes 14!

Character Battle (Our first): Firion Vs. Luneth

A tournament (badly kept track of) of the leading ladies of Final Fantasy, which one will be our unofficial pin-up girl?

Characters: White Mage, Sara, Maria, Garnett, Yuna, Aerith, Lightning, Fang, Fran...

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This week in Final Final Fantasy news: Final Fantasy XIV fan festival is announcements, including its first expansion. A new mobile Final Fantasy game has also been announced for Japan: Final Fantasy Artniks.

This weeks discussion: Our first ever spotlight on Hironobu Sakaguchi, creator of Final Fantasy and previous presiden of Square. We go over the entire scope of his career, from his birth in Japan, to the creation of his new company Mistwalker. We go into deatil about his contributions to the Final Fantasy games, and the movie Final Fantasy: The Spirit's within and it's effects on Square-Enix.

We do get a bit off topic, talking about hipsters for a bit, but it all goes back to Hironobu Sakaguchi in the end.

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