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This week, our interview with the creator of the Beacause Project fell through, so we are revisiting a fan favorite. This time, we discuss Anima from Final Fantasy X. Anima is the inner self of an individual. Psychologist C.G. Jung, said it's the female side of the male psyche. The Latin meaning of Anima is soul, spirit, ghost; breath of life. We also delve into Bismark, a summon from Final Fantasy VI. Bismark is likely named after the Chancellor of Prussia in the late 1800's. This theory is largely based off of the espers Sea Song ability, which would refer to the Bismarck ship that was sunk in 1941. We move on to discuss the final summon, Crusader, or Jihad. Crusader is another Esper featured in Final Fantasy VI. His name was originally Jihad in Japan, but they censored the name for the North American release of the game, fearing that North American players would associate the name with an Islamic Jihad. Jihad doesn't inherently imply evil. It's usually a term used for the battle between good and evil. It can also be used to describe a holy war, which is most likely the purpose that Crusader serves in Final Fantasy VI. We also move on to talk about a few questions asked by forum users, and declare that the Final Fantasy XIV gift card is the prize. Thanks again for listening, and enjoy the grind!

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This week, Kaleb and Joe discuss the long awaited Final Fantasy VII Remake announced at this years E3 conference. We discuss our concerns about the upcoming remake, and delve in to the hilt on what we feel will happen with the games direction. We talk about the involvement of the original development team, including Yoshinori Kitase, Nojima, and of couse, Tetsuya Nomura. We rain on everyones parade a bit in terms of the remake, but also hold out hope that this will be a solid entry in the series. We do a few reaction videos to the FFVII Remake trailer, as well as the announcement of World of Final Fantasy. We discuss the few articles of news involving Kingdom Hearts 3. We also announced a Twitch based contest, where I will ask a trivia question, and the winner will either win a copy of FF VII on PSN or Steam, or a one month gift card for Final Fantasy XIV. This will be up for vote on our site. Enjoy the episode!

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This week, we discuss the update to everyone's favorite demo, Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae. We discuss the mini quests that Square Enix has given us, involving fetching items, and doing other activities with Noctis's team mates. We also touch on the new combo system, and discuss the changes to the camera and the added AI intelligence for your party members. They're not nearly as in the way as before!! We also give a little time to update you guys on our progress in Final Fantasy XII. After that, we dive into our usual question segments, and encourage you guys to call in for the questions segment! After that, we discuss the popular Robot Chicken Parody of Final Fantasy VII, in which the team works at a burger joint run by Sephiroth. We then hit on the Question from us to You, which involves a poll between Final Fantasy XII, and Final Fantasy XIII. Enjoy the episode! SORRY FOR THE AUDIO ISSUES THIS WEEK! TURNS OUT WE HAD A BAD CORD AND WE DIDN'T KNOW UNTIL WE WERE MIXING!

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Join us once again for our fourth part of our review of Final Fantasy XI. Krinital, Art, and Banedrom help us remember the details of certain story elements, and we get to discussing the amazing multiplayer element that Final Fantasy XI has. We talk about the games musical score, the last one legendary Nobou Uematsu would compose. We also discuss our rankings of the Final Fantasy games up to this point, and give our reasoning behind it. Special thanks to Art, Banedrom, Krinital, Megadave, Jen, and of course Darth Jommu. You guys helped to make this a great experience, and we look forward to recreating it with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Enjoy!

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This week, we invite Krinital, Banedrom, and Art on for a special recap of Final Fantasy XI. We talk in great detail about the multiplayer aspects of Final Fantasy XI. We discuss the rank 5 and on missions in the Bastok nation quests, and go over all of the level cap quests. We discuss a little on the changes that Rhapsodies of Vana'Diel have brough, and talk about the importance of the fourth trust. Thanks for playing along guys, and enjoy the grind!

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