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Schweiss and Joe have returned! This time, they bring their thoughs on the critically acclaimed new expansion to the hit MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. Join them as they dive into the game's complex story and gameplay, sound and music, and, of course, overall rankings. Join the episode, join the fun!

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Schweiss and Joe live! This time, they bring a deep dive into the recently released Final Fantasy XVI trailer. Join them as they clash with viewers/listeners over the implications of the trailer, discuss their thoughts on the quality of the trailer, and discuss their feelings about the game in its infancy. Enjoy the episode, and enjoy the grind!

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The long-awaited Patreon promise has been fulfilled.

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In this episode of UFF, we sit down with our good friend Stephen to hear his #finalfantasy story!

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In this episode, the UFF boys discuss the Stormblood patch content: The Legend Returns!

#finalfantasyxiv #stormblood #thelegendreturns

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This week on UFF, the boys sit down with a wonderful listener, Rudrose, to talk about his #FinalFantasy story! 

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This week on Ultima Final Fantasy the UFF boys finally #review the #ps4 mega hit, #FinalFantasyVIIRemake!


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This was recorded about 20 minutes after Joe beat Final Fantasy VII Remake. Only listen if you've finished it.

Be sure to email us your reviews and questions at FFFanatics123 at Gmail dot com.


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Kaleb and Joe have returned to your earholes to bring a review of the SNES classic Secret of Mana. Join us as we discuss trees, stories, battle systems, and much more. Enjoy the episode, and get hyped for Final Fantasy VII Remake!

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We're back! The stars have aligned! Joe and Schweiss happened to be in the same town for the first time in six plus months on the same weekend that a Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo dropped, so here we are. Enjoy our thoughts on the demo, as well as a few movie reviews just for fun.

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