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In which we discuss Final Fantasy XIV's new patch, no more theatrerythm, the steam sale and how it affects the availibe Final Fantasy games. We also discuss Final Fantasy VIII's new cheats from Square-Enix, what magic sytem works best in the Final Fantasy games, and things we missed in our Final Fantasy III review.

This episode also includes the sequel to episode 3's Super Sexy Swingin' Fan Fiction. Enjoy the gagging.

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Final Fantasy III

We finally finished Final Fantasy III! This week we review the game's story and what we felt about the job system. We also discuss what little we know about the developement history of the elusive video game, and the differences between this classic RPG's many published versions. In news we talk about Final Fantasy Explorers and Square-Enix's decision to include Gay Marriage in Final Fantasy XIV! Be sure to follow us on twitter (@UFFPodcast) and like our Facebook page (facebook.com/ultimafinalfantasy)!

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Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

We sat down and watched Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. This week we discuss various aspects of the film, as well as the future of Final Fantasy movies and remakes of games like Final Fantasy VII. We also talk about what little news has come out of E3 so far concerning the Final Fantasy games. Be sure to follow us on twitter (@UFFPodcast) and like us on facebook (facebook.com/ultimafinalfantasy)!

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Final Fantasy XV Predictions and Super Sexy Swingin' Fan Fiction!

We talk about FF15--the developement of 15 and why we think VS13 changed titles. We also speculate about the developement process behind the recent FF games. What is the connection between 15 and Hamlet? How is the new game based on reality? How would we feel about the turn away from turned based FF games? All that and more plus some sexy fan fiction on this episode of Ultima Final Fantasy!

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