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This episode, we continue right where we left off last week. We discuss the design of the game, and important aspect considering the switch of character designer from Yoshitaka Amano to Tetsuya Nomura. We then discussed the amazing music composed by the legendary Nobou Uematsu, and also discussed doing optional quests in the game. Among these were getting knights of the round, defeating the weapons, the Wutai side quest etc. We ended the review segment with our final, overall thoughts on the game as a whole, and then moved on to our increasingly popular questions segment, where we answer anything you ask us! Enjoy!

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This episode, we discuss the amazing video game known as Final Fantasy VII. We discussed the incredible story of Final Fantasy VII, both it's strong points and a couple of weak points. We also discussed the production of the game, and talked about how big of a risk Square was taking on this game. We discussed a new way to support the show, through our new Patreon account! Check it out, and enjoy this long awaited episode all about Final Fantasy VII!



Also, this music track was used in the episode, so kudos for the sweet song!

Final Fantasy VII "Aeris Theme" - Acoustic Guitar


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This episode, we create and review three different Final Fantasy themed foods. First, we cover the drinks Haste, and Aerith, from the site The Drunken Moogle.com. We then cover the delicious Tantalus Sandwich brought to us by ffrecipes.wordpress.com. We also answer numerous listener submitted questions, and talk about our progress with Final Fantasy VII. Enjoy!

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This episode, we discuss Last Order: Final Fantasy VII. We discuss our opinion on the art style, as well as the tone of the mini film. We also read off a list of changes that both Last Order and Crisis Core have brought to the original events in the Nibelheim Reactor scene in Final Fantasy VII. We also answer numerous user submitted questions, and talk about our opinion on a Remake of Final Fantasy VII. Enjoy!

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