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This week, the guys bring on Andrew from the Theme Sparks podcast to help Schweiss and Joe build their very own Final Fantasy X theme park. This theme park is unique, as it gives the guys an unlimited amount of creative power, and of course, and endless chunk of change. Join us for all the fun, and make sure to check out Andrew's stuff here:

Website: http://amusementsparks.blubrry.com/

Twitter: @AmusementSparks 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amusementsparks/?__tn__=%2Cd%2CP-R&eid=ARCgvZQr67mWhBkFsrD6027IAzTi978LBvcnGvzJEXqfiDZ3es-ce_3MQCG8WD2mhEwaBhMGJ3AovNf5


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This week, Schweiss and Joe get together to discuss their recent playtrhough of the hit PSP game Dissidia Final Fantasy. Join them as they discuss their experiences and opinions on the games story, gameplay, sound/music, design, overall legacy, and much more. Enjoy the episode, and stay tuned for the next episode of Ultima Final Fantasy, the Ultimate...... Final Fantasy Podcast.

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This week on Ultima Final Fantasy Joe and Schweiss discuss the 2015 Distant Worlds III: More Music from Final Fantasy album. Join them as they rank and review each of Nobuo Uematsu's classic pieces rearranged by the 

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This week, Kaleb and Joe sit down with Victor, a Patreon guest, to discuss his Final Fantasy story. Enjoy!

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