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This week, Joe and Kaleb invite Fun to Mop on to talk all things Final Fantasy. They discuss KupoCon, FF games, and even Kingsglaive. Enjoy all of the trips down memory lane, and another game of Stump the Host.

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In lieu of reading the atrociously received Final Fantasy X-2.5 novella, Schweiss and Joe have decided to begin their descent into their first, but definitely not last, set of Dad of Light episodes. Enjoy the discussion about the main characters and their relationships, as well as the criticisms about the show.

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mUFF is back with another Mobile review. King's Knight was originally it's own game on the NES. But it for some reason this remake needed to be a spin-off to FF15. As of this review the servers are shut down and you can no longer play this. Like Auto-Battler in games?  

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This week, Joe and Schweiss review the long anticipated, and long awaited, Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. Join them as they recount their experiences with the game's story, gameplay, graphics, soundtrack, and legacy. Enjoy the grind, and look forward to our next episode!

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Everyone knows that when you really wanna delve into Final Fantasy, you gotta start the conversation with some Metallica talk.

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