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This week, Joe and Kaleb continue their review of the long awaited Final Fantasy XV. We discuss our thoughts on the games Art/Design, praising it for it's overall good graphics. We talk about the music by Yoko Shimomura, who also worked on Parasite Eve. Then we get to listener questions, which range from favorite Final Fantasy XV boss, to just how dirty the Cup Noodle quest made us feel. We top things off with a few listener reviews, and Kaleb and Joe use these to establish Final Fantasy XV's current legacy. We then talk about our overall rankings for the Final Fantasy series. Enjoy the grind!

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This episode, Kaleb and Joe discuss the long awaited Final Fantasy XV. They cover the games story and gameplay elements. We do a deep dive into the slightly ambiguous ending to the game, and talk about why we think both outcomes are valid. We then talk about the gameplay. We discuss our favorite quests and hunts, and talk about our overall feelings towards the insanely different combat in Final Fantasy XV. Enjoy the Grind!

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Welcome special guest Daniel! We discuss our love of Final Fantasy, and enjoy another game of Stump the Host. Join us as we take a trip down memory lane, and learn about Daniel's rich, and long lived, love of the series. Joe also gets called an old man for his views on the Final Fantasy VII Remake. Enjoy the Grind! Final Fantasy XV Review is incoming!!

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This week, we bring you the results for the 2016 Podcast Awards! Congrats to She Heals, I Tank for winning the Best Non-UFF 2016 Final Fantasy Podcast Award. Final Fantasy XV was voted the best Final Fantasy release of 2016, and the Audience Maximus awards go to Krinital, Shinryu, and Troy Cavanaugh. Congrats on the wins, guys. We look forward to another year of Ultima Final Fantasy!

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This week, the guys dig deep into the intricacies of deciding whether or not your favortie Final Fantasy is your first one. They also toy with the idea of favorite Final Fantasy vs Best Final Fantasy. Should they be the same? Should they differ? Does it even matter?!?!! Find out on this weeks episode of Ultima Final Fantasy!

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