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This week, Joe, Schweiss, and Craiggers react to the popular 4-chan blog chain from a supposed member of Final Fantasy XV's Development team. The group dissects the information, and gives their take on the whole thing. We also get Kaleb Craig's thoughts on the game as a whole. Enjoy the Grind!!

The Remix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmTRBuZuTiw

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This week, Joe and Kaleb follow up on the poll introduced in the prior weeks episode; the Final Fantasy Academy Awards! Join us as we read the results for Best Custscene, Best Minigame, Best Makeup and Hairstyling, Best Final Fantasy that Never Was, Best Production Design, Best Original Song, Best Director, Best Final Fantasy, Best Sequel Script, Best Graphics for It's Time, Best original Script, Best Voice Acting, Best Costume Design, Best Final Fantasy Movie/TV Show, Best Supporting Character, and Best Leading Character. Enjoy the Grind!

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This week, Kaleb and Joe finally dive into the Final Fantasy Academy Awards question brought to us by our good friend Battttttman2j. We decided on the nominees for each category. Here are the categories: Best Cutscene, Best Minigame, Production Design, Best Original Song, Makeup & Hairstyling, Best FF's that never were, Best Director, Best Voice Acting, Best Graphics for it's time, Best Original Script, Best Sequel Script, and Best Final Fantasy. Check out our website Ultimafinalfantasy.com to vote! Enjoy the awards season grind! 

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This week, Kaleb and Joe discuss their experience with the Final Fantasy convention KupoCon. They also discuss their experience with New York, reminisce about Distant Worlds, and review the mass amount of Final Fantasy news. We also have the recording of our panel at the con. Enjoy the grind!

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