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This week, Kaleb and Joe go all out on a crusade to find the absolute best voice actors for the eventual Final Fantasy VIII remake/film adaptation. Join them for all the fun draws, a couple questions, and a few heartfelt reviews. Enjoy, and make sure you get your Crystal Chronicles reviews/questions in!

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This week, Joe and Schweiss gather to discuss their favorite universes within the long running Final Fantasy series. They pit each piece of media up against a harsh three number grading system and average them all out among their respective microverses to discover the ultimate... Final Fantasy microverse. Enjoy!

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The mUFF crew is back with the long awaited review of Final Fantasy Dimensions 2. Listen to find out if this is worth your time, or just another mobile title. Ragdoll Models & Multiple Arc Plots aside, Krin & Metunnica are doing well, but Jacob is in "The Sunken Place" from the pain and wasted time; plus he can't form proper sentences anymore.


P.S.  Be sure to get your pizza at Bham-a-hut

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This week, Schweiss and Joe assemble to discuss the 2015 Final Fantasy Type-0 HD remaster for the PlayStation 4. Join them as they compare the game to the rest of the Fabula series, while deep diving into its own pro's and cons. They discuss the game's music, design, and overall view in the zeitgeist, and of course, rank it against it's fellow Crystallis games. Enjoy the episode!

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