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This week, we discuss Final Fantasy XV turning 9 years old! We talk about what we think will happen for the release of Final Fantasy XV. We talk about how after Final Fantasy XIII's demo, Square Enix created a majority of the game's content within the last 9 months of creation. We also discuss how Square Enix is breaking new ground once again, by creating an update to their Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae demo. We also discuss our battle plan upon Final Fantasy XV's release. We won't be dropping whatever game we're on, but the release won't exactly sneak up on us. We also take time to answer some well thought out questions from our forum members. Thank for listening guys. Enjoy!

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This week, we discuss the finer aspects of Final Fantasy XI. We discuss the gameplay of Final Fantasy XI, ranging from the controls, macros, magic system, and the semi newly added Trust magic. We then move on to discuss the design of Final Fantasy XI. We discuss the variety of enemies, as well as the area designs. We talk about the lack of CGI cutscenes and voice acting in this entry, which strikes us as odd, especially after Final Fantasy X. We move on from there to discuss Final Fantasy XI's musical score. Nobou Uematsu's final Final Fantasy. He scored the major themes in the original version of Final Fantasy XI. The expansions for the game were scored solely by Naoshi Mizuta. We then go on to discuss the dwindling legacy that Final Fantasy XI has, and also the impact it had on the future of both the Final Fantasy series, and also MMORPG's in general. Enjoy!

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Join us as we discuss this mammoth of a game! Final Fantasy XI is done! Well, at least the original Bastok missions are. Join us as we review the interesting development of Final Fantasy XI. We discuss how Final Fantasy XI was many firsts for Square Enix, and was the first cross platform MMORPG ever. We run through the story, where the adventurer begins a quest to slay the notorious Shadow Lord by becoming an errand boy and then a diplomat for your nation! Enjoy part one of this epic review!

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This week, we have a special episode for our 50th episode! Join us as we discuss the future of our show, our progress in Final Fantasy XI, and the removal and additions of segments for our podcast. We also take the time to catch up on some questions that were being backed up, and announce that next week we will be doing a review episode for Final Fantasy XI! We discuss a little more about our presence on Twitch tv moving forward, and thank all of you listeners and donors on Patreon for your support as we work our way through the epic series that is Final Fantasy! Enjoy!

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