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In this episode, Joe and Kaleb read their newest Itunes review, talk about the housing crisis in Final Fantasy XIV, where the economy is horrendous and houses cost millions of gil, leaving many players homeless, bringing down the value of the cities. We also discuss the newly released job classes in Final Fantasy Explorers; the monk, the warrior/tank, and the black mage. We also mention that this episode is super short, because we ran out of space on our media host and are too cheap to upgrade.

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A semi-indepth discussion on the origins of three popular summons in the Final Fantasy series: Bahamut, Leviathan, and Ifrit. We discuss their scriptural origins, as well as discussing the descriptions of the beasts. They are described differently than they appear in the Final Fantasy games, and we theorize  possible reasons for these changes within the Final Fantasy series.

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This episode involves a thr**some as well as "payment" for the destruction of the hotel room from the night before. Not nearly as explicit as the previous episode. This is horrible Final Fantasy VII fan fiction and does not represent the rest of the podcast.

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We discuss our failed interview with a co writer and co-producer of the  failed Final Fantasy VII Miniseries, Mr. Galliger. We also discuss fan fiction works as a whole, and the legality of it all. We discuss what direction we want to take when dealing with fan created works, as well as the direction for the podcast as a whole. In news this week, Final Fantasy Explorers is set to be released on December 18th in Japan. More rumors about a Final Fantasy XV and a Kingdom Hearts 3 release date. We discuss another rumor in which a blogger believes that Kingdom Hearts 3 will not have the character Genie, due to Robin Williams death, even though he didn't voice the Genie in either of the original games.

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First off, these are the items you need:

  • 1 Adamantine
  • 4 Dragon Fangs
  • 12 Pulse Ammos


  • Get these from Adamantoise on Big Horn island, it's a rare drop and you will need to be over level 20.

Dragon Fangs:

  • Get these from the Blue dragons (once again, rare drop) in the forests neer Trabadia

Pulse Ammos:

  • Must have Ifrit to level 10 with Ammo refine ability
  • Energy Crystals are droped from Enoyles in the Esthar area, after the lunar cry/
  • 1 Energy Crystal refines into 10 Pulse Ammos

You can also get te Lionheart through cards, and we touch on that.

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Dante Travels with Virgil through the 9 circles of hell

  • Limbo
  • Lust
  • Gluttony
  • Greed
  • Anger
  • Herasy
  • Violence
  • Fraud
  • Treachery

The 8th circle is made up of Bolgias

  • Panderers and Seducers
  • Flatterers
  • Simoniacs
  • Sorcerers
  • Corrupt Poloticians
  • Hypocrites
  • Thieves
  • Fraudulant advisors
  • Sowers of Discord
  • Falsifiers

5th Bolgia

  • Corrupt poloticians, emersed in a lake of boiling tar - represents "sticky fingers"
  • Alichino (derived from Arlecchino, the harlequin)
  • Barbariccia ("Curly Beard")
  • Cagnazzo ("Nasty Dog)
  • Calcabrina (possibly "Grace Stomper")
  • Ciriatto ("Wild Hog")
  • Draghignazzo ("Big Nasty Dragon")
  • Farfarello (possibly "Goblin")
  • Graffiacane ("Dog Scratcher")
  • Libicocco (possibly "Libyan Hothead")
  • Malacoda, the leader ("Evil Tail"[1])
  • Rubicante (possibly "Red-faced Terror" and a reference to Cante de' Gabrielli, who as Podestà of Florencecondemned Dante to exile)
  • Scarmiglione (possibly "Trouble Maker")

And how they connect with Final Fantasy IV.

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Everything looks like a phallis to Kaleb, appearently. Welcome, watch with us as we enjoy the third episode of Final Fantasy Unlimmited.

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Cleanup time. We were wondering what the next morning at the gold saucer would bring. This may be the worst episode yet. Joe couldn't take it, he almost vomited. Feel free to read along with us at adult-fanfiction.org. 

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper Trailer

Lots of Final Fantasy XV release date rumors


Listen with us as we talk of the great game that is Final Fantasy V. We start with its long developement history, the fact that they couldn't release the game because of School Children skipping class for it.

We also have our opinions on it's story, gameplay, graphics, and Music.

This is a good episode, tune in!

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We discuss how to defeat the 45th hunt in Final Fantasy XII. Lots of physical attacks and healing are necessary to beat this boss. The occasional non elemental spell is also highly damaging. This is easily the most intense fight in all of Final Fantasy XII, and maybe in the entire Final Fantasy series. Dont forget that you can leave and heal up at a nearby crystal. This is not a one sequence fight, which is a first in the Final Fantasy series.

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How are Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X related? We'll tell ya!

Remember the kid named "Shinra" in Final Fantasy X-2? There's a theory, supported by one of the writers of Final Fantasy X-2, that he is an ancestor to the creators of the Shin-Ra company.

In this episode we discuss this possible connection, and its many implications. The similarity between the farplane and the Promised Land, the Pyreflies in Advent Children, and the colombus like takeover of one race to another via interplanetary travel.

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We know all ya'll were curious about this series. Have a blast listening to our reactions as we let the second episode play out. This Final Fantasy Unlimited commentary includes Joe and BOTH Kalebs, so enjoy!

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Where is Cid? I know what you all were thinking during the other 3 parts of Kanzen's epic.

Features characters from Final Fantasy VII.

And it's really gross.

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Itunes reviews for Ultima Final Fantasy

No, we aren't done with Final Fantasy five. Why? We'll tell you why: sidequests.


A new contest for Square-Enix members (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxKxHsTokoc)! You can record the final fantasy theme at 120 BPM and submit it for cool prizes!

We talk a bit about Final Fantasy Music...

Breaking News! Square-Enix broke copyright with another company!


Kaleb has a weak theory having to do with Square-Enix's sequel syndrome, and it's all about Disney.

What sidequests Joe plans on doing...


The audio from the contest announcement video!

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In this Tactical Tuesday Minisode, Kaleb goes step by step, teaching you how to get the Knights of the Round Materia in FFVII!

  • You can't get it until you have the airship, so get that first.
  • Go to the chocobo stables and rent as many stables as you can from Choco Bill.
  • Buy lots of Reagan greens.
  • Equip "Chocobo Lure" and find the chocobo tracks near Gold Saucer.
  • Fight on the chocobo tracks until you are attacked by a chocobo accompanied by two Spencers.
  • Use the Reagan greens on the chocobo and kill the two Spencers. Once they die, you will get the chocobo.
  • Send the chocobo back to the stables, then catch another one of these chocobos.
  • Go to Mideel and fight on the nearby chocobo tracks, until you are attacked by a chocobo with two Spirals. Use the greens on the chocobo and kill the Spirals, then take the chocobo back to the stables.
  • Return catch a second chocobo near Mideel.
  • Purchase two "Carob" nuts from Choco Bill and breed your two pairs of chocobos, which should make one green and one blue chocobo.
  • Breed the blue chocobo with the green chocobo using another Carob nut to make a black chocobo.
  • Fly to the Icicle Inn. Fight on the chocobo tracks until attacked by a chocobo with two Jumpings. Use the greens on the chocobo, kill the jumpings, and send the chocobo back to the stables.
  • Travel to Goblin Island. Fight in random battles until you are attacked by a goblin, then Steal from the goblin to acquire a "Zeio" nut.
  • Breed the chocobo you found near Icicle Inn with the black chocobo, using the Zeio nut to make a gold chocobo.
  • Ride the gold chocobo until you find a small island at the north-east corner of the map.
  • On the island you will get the "Knights of the Round" materia.
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Who doesn't love a good minisode?

Part of our Ultima Final Fantasy Back to School Spectacular, our new "did you know" segment! Today we'll be discussing the mythical origins of certain things in Final Fantasy VII, from character names to Shinra. Why did Square choose the names they did for certain characters? Perhaps the character's derive from these mythic origins. Joe also appologizes once again of his mistake naming Aerith "Aeris".

Enjoy the new jingles too, we worked hard on those.

Characters Discussed:

Cloud, Aerith (Aeris), Sephiroth, Shinra, Hojo, and much more!


We really are the Ultimate Final Fantasy Podcast. Make sure you go to our website, Ultimafinalfantasy.com!

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