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This week, we cover the career of Kazushige Nojima. We discuss his involvement with the Final Fantasy series, and discuss his most important involvments in the series. We also discuss his influence on some of the most popular Final Fantasy games in tlhe series. We take this week to do some catch up on news, and discuss the addition of Final Fantasy XIII to mobile phones, and discuss the arcade Dissidia game, along with the possibility of it becoming available on PlayStation 4 in the future. We also discuss the furure of our playthrough of Final Fantasy XI Enjoy!

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This episode picks up right where the last one left off. We discuss the gameplay aspects of Final Fantasy X, including the battle system, sphere grid, side quests and more. We move on to discuss the numerous mini games that Final Fantasy X features, including the infamous chocobo catcher and lighning dodging minigames. We also discuss the games artwork and character design, as well as it's top of the notch soundtrack from Nobou Uematsu. We also discuss the addition of the dark aeons to the HD remastered version that we played, and of course add it to our final ranking! Enjoy this second half of our beefy Final Fantasy X review.

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This week, we have reached the long awaited Final Fantasy X review. In this first half of the episode, we discuss the development history of the game. We discuss how the game was announced at the same time as Final Fantasy IX and Final Fantasy X. This was the first entry in the series to feature voice acting and fully rendered images. We also discuss the games story, and go through it step by step with commentary and explanation along the way! Enjoy our review of the must play Final Fantasy X!

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In preparation for the Final Fantasy X review, this week we decided to catch up on all of our segments up to this point! We discuss numerous topics from the question segment pertaining to the Final Fantasy series. We also discuss that we will be playing Final Fantasy XI on the Siren server. We discuss what the ultimate Final Fantasy restaraunt will contain, and also discuss the immense importance of Yojimbo using Zanmato in Final Fantasy X. We also discuss where we are in the soon to be reviewed Final Fantasy X! Enjoy the grind!!

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