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Welcome to our last review before the show goes on hiatus! Our 49th and Final Final Fantasy game review: World of Final Fantasy!

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This week, we have received another guest review episode from the boys over at the Lipstick Panel. Join them as they dive into their conflicting opinions on this classic title. Enjoy, and look forward to our review of World of Final Fantasy next week.

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This week, Schweiss and Joe discuss the hit TV series Final Fantasy Unlimited. Join them for a brief discussion of the people involved in the anime, the story, design, music, and overall experience that the show brought us. We also derail for a bit discussing historical figures, and have a special guest on for a post credits bit. Enjoy!

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This week, the UFF boys brave the much-hated Final Fantasy X audio drama: Final Fantasy X "Will".


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This time, Schweiss and Joe discuss the audiobook they provided you guys with last week. Enjoy as they rant about the FFVII Remakes title, the novella, and much more. Also, enjoy both versions of our newest FFX Megadeth track! 

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