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This week, Joe and Kaleb embark on a mission to rank the first Distant Worlds album. Join them as they reminisce about Distant Worlds concerts of old, while also comparing and contrasting the first album with the original songs from the Final Fantasy series. Enjoy the episode!

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This week, Joe and Kaleb discuss the final years of Square and Enix, and react to the new Final Fantasy Trailers coming out of the Tokyo game show!

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This week, Joe and Schweiss review the fifth and sixth episode of Daddy of Light, the Netflix original. Join us for some epic news regarding the series returning to Nintendo and XBox, while we also dive into the episodes at hand. Enjoy!

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This week, Schweiss and Joe scrape off a month of rust by bringing you the most, and least, up to date news on the Final Fantasy series, while also talking about Joe's recently filmed full length feature The 13th Cross. They then devolve into more film talk, naturally. Enjoy!

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This week, we get yet another guest episode with Greg Troyan and Steve Smith from the Nashville band Lipstick. Enjoy as Greg shows off his Final Fantasy phallus to prove that he's ready to review this addition to Final Fantasy II. Enjoy as they recount their experience through this add-on that Joe and Schweiss will most likely never touch. Enjoy!

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