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This week, Kaleb and Joe assemble to discuss their recent foray into VR gaming with Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV. Join them as they discuss their thoughts on the games in depth story, gameplay, and overall legacy. Make sure to get your nominees in for our awards show at the beginning of next year, and enjoy the grind!

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This week, Kaleb and Joe return to the 2005 action film Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Join them as they compare and contrast the film to the complete version, and discuss what they like and dislike about the film as a whole. You can watch along with us, or just as a regular podcast. Enjoy!

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This week, the guys go on a hunt for a Gameboy Advance SP to play Final Fantasy Tactics Advance on. Join the guys on a journey for answers as to which games are required for play on the GBA, and journey throughout Utah Valley to obtain the legendary handheld.

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This week, Kaleb and Joe revisit the cult classic Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. Join us for this special commentary/discussion about Star Wars!

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