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This episode, we discuss the religious aspects in the Final Fantasy series. We discuss Japan's religious atmosphere, and discuss it's influence on the Final Fantasy series. We also discuss the video released by Game Theory and it's influence on the episode. We reference the events of Final Fantasy X, and dissect them. We discuss the theme of religion stymying technological advancement of society. We also discuss the religios call backs of the summons in the series, as well as discussing the final boss fight against Kefka in Final Fantasy VI. Enjoy!

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This episode, we discuss our trip to the Las Vegas Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival. We discuss what we did on the trip, as well as the events and announcements made at the Fan Festival. We also discuss seeing some impressive cosplay, and talk about the overall atmosphere and experience of the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival. We discuss what we feel about the new additions to Final Fantasy XIV, including the new expansion Heavensward as well as the new level cap, and discuss the fire of desire that the event brought us to catch up to the rest of the world in this game.

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In this beefcake of an episode, we discuss the greatness that is Final Fantasy VI. We discuss the intricate relationships between certain characters, such as the love story between Celes and Locke, the story of Cyan and his family, the intricacies of Terra being the "main" character, the relationship between the two royal brothers Sabin and Edgar. We also discuss Shadow's stories, both the one where he doesnt die when the world gets destroyed as well as his intended ending. We discuss the soundtrack of the game, referring to it as Nobou Uematsu's masterpiece work. We also discuss how the game took the Super Nintendo to it's limits, and how it still looks good today. We talk about getting the Espers, and also delve into whether or not you should get Ragnarok the Esper, or Ragnarok the sword. We also discuss a little bit of news regarding Final Fantasy XIV and XV, where now in XIV you can fight Ultros and his friend Typhon. Enjoy our thoughts on this excellent Rpg!

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This episode, we discuss the immense importance of Final Fantasy Director Yoshinori Kitase, and his role on the progression of the Final Fantasy series into what we experience today. We discuss Kitase's film origins and the effect they had on the Final Fantasy series' evolution. We also have our question segment where we decide on our Ultimate....Final fantasy Party, as well as discussing our favorite Final Fantasy artwork styles. We also discuss how Xenogears was initially submitted as a storyline for Final Fantasy VII, and how we're glad they were split up, thus creating two excellent games rather than one.

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