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Join us for our review of Wings of the Goddess!

Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess


Development History-

Wings of the Goddess is the fourth expansion for Final Fantasy XI. It was released for the PlayStation 2 on November 20, 2007 in the US and Canada, and on the 22nd of November in Japan. The PC release would follow just one day afterwards. This expansions main mission content was released via a series of patches, and it was just over three years after it’s release that the final missions were released. The expansion featured the addition of two new classes; the dancer, and scholar. Neither of which were used by Joe or I. All of the tracks present in WOTG were composed and arranged by Naoshi Mizuta.


The story begins upon examining one of the Cavernous Maws located around Vana’diel. These objects greatly resemble Atomos from FFVI. The maw engulfs the character, and sends us back in time. We’re only about 20 years in the past, which puts us right in the middle of the great Crystal War. (See beginning cutscene) The game begins similarly to the original nation missions, where you choose to align yourself with one of the three main missions. Joe and I decided to go with Bastok. Surprise surprise…. We then start helping to prepare for the Crystal War.


Each expansion of Final Fantasy XI has featured a female npc protagonist. It started out with Lion, moved on to Prishe, Nashmeria, and now the energetic dancer Lilisette. Lilisette is the daughter of Sir Ragelise, the captain of the Knights of the Ironcrest Hawk, and is ordered to take back the La Vaule area from the Orcs. We meet up with Lilisette when she tries to capture another of our recently acquired comrades named Cait Sith. Cait Sith reveals herself as the tears of Altana, and informs the player that the cavernous maws are tiny versions of Atomos, who is attempting to devour everything from the peaceful timeline that we knew before entering the expansion.


As if two different times weren’t enough, there’s a third… Altana reveals to us that our hero, Elhusk, and Lilisette are the Wings of the Goddess. She has chosen us to do her bidding, and prevent a future brought on by Ultemaci… I mean, Queen Lilith. All the while, Atomos is stubbornly devouring all things visible. We also get a bunch of cutscenes regarding the Shadow Lord. He punishes the hell out of his enemies.


Lillisette and her mother, Portia, end up getting captured by Lilith, but of course, we break them out. Before we confront the evil wench Lilith, we first run into our Bastok specific questline. This questline features the Crystal War from Bastok’s view. There’s plenty of betrayal, subterfuge, and even an assasination via tonberry. We also learn some very interesting facts about Zeid’s past….


Another interesting aspect of this expansion is Mayakov. Mayakov is the flamboyant, lisp happy leader of the dancing troupe that Lilisette is a part of. Not much else can be said about Mayakov, but man. He’s definitely gay.


The party then confronts Lilith at Castle Zvahl, otherwise known as Ultemacia’s Castle. Upon reaching her chamber, Lilisette disappears! Atomos has finally consumed the timeline where she existed, and she is no more. We then embark on a super long quest to obtain memory fragments. This quest was probably my favorite part about this expansion. I am literally obtaining fragments of memories, and combining them to remanifest the existence of a character. Fucking epic. Once we find all of the fragments, we bring Lilith back into existence, and go on to fight Lilith and her goons.

We then discover the true identity of Lilith, but won’t reveal it on this show. Atomos stops devouring everything like a fat fuck. Everything is golden.


Now, what kind of Final Fantasy would this be without a wedding scene! We then witness the wedding of Portia and Sir Ragelise, and the expansion comes to a close.

*Additional Points*


-Atomos v. Lilisette fight where we both died, but Lilisette rocked him

-That fucking quest where I had to run around to all of the agents, and blow up the mine shafts.

-Zeid is a complete badass

-Volker is Solid Snake


REMIX: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDm1QVTtfMY&list=PL71ACEB758381588B&index=21

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