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This week, we review the second to last expansion to Final Fantasy XI:Seekers of Adoulin. Enjoy!


Released March 27th in 2013, Seekers of Adoulin was the last full expansion for FFXI.


It featured many new areas in FFXI, all surrounding the Nation of Adoulin and the outlying Ulbuka Territory, and added jobs the jobs Geomancer and Rune Fencer.


Gameplay-wise Adoulin added a lot of things such as Colonization, Coalition Assignments, Reives, Skirmish and Delve.


The music was written entirely by Naoshi Mizuta, who created 9 new tracks for the expansion.




The nation of Adoulin, which has been locked off for a long time, opens it doors to adventurers in order to settle the Ulbukan hinterland. On the way to the new nation, Nooborious meets a young woman named Arciela (our new expansion heroine). She tells Noobrious to register as a pioneer with the Pioneers’ Coalition, and the expansion begins.

Talk about the Impermatures and Adoulin Reives.

It turns out Arcelia the sister of the Grand Chancellor of Adoulin and a descendant of the former royal line, which means nothing yet.




The Pioneers' Coalition tells Nooborious to uncover the secrets of the leafkin (a race of leafy beings), and meets with Teodor, a mysterious man clad in black who says that the sword carried by Arciela is the key to meeting the leader of the leafkin (known as the Otharsyne, the sword had been passed down the royal line and represents the will of the Founder King). Teodor explains that after King August (the founder guy) subjugated Ulbuka years ago, he made a promise to never tread upon the land. The Otharsyne it turns out, could allow the king to defy the pact he had made.

In an attempt to borrow the sword, for, you know, stuff…. the Adventurer finds Arciela and she decides to go looking for the leafkin in the Yorcia Weald where they had been seen before. There, they meet Rosulatia (the mega-leafkin) who explains that danger is coming to Ulbuka.

It turns out that the world tree “Yggdrasil” had existed in ancient times on the continent of Rhazowa and that a second tree had been planted by King August in Ulbuka. However, when the Orcish Empire fucked up the world tree in Rhazowa, its connection with the tree in Ulbuka was spoiled.

When Arciela asks how they can help, Rosulatia replies that they should ask the king, and gifts a pome to the Adventurer.

After this, we get some scenes of civil war between the factions that oppose adoulin expansion, and those who are for it. Luckily the group that is about to kill Arcelia is stopped just in time (the fight in the waterways).

During a council meeting, it’s explained by Arcelia that Councelor Ygnas had turned into a leafkin who can no longer communicate with humans (Cid in FF9). However, a pome that the Adventurer receives from Rosulatia allows Ygnas to speak directly into the Adventurer's mind… For reasons, I guess.


So they try to cure Ygnas with an Exorsist named Ingrid, but that doesn’t work. Soon Ygnas’s voice fades from Nooborious’s head, but not before Ygnas warns him of terrible things coming to the land.

Suddenly a girl named Nyline comes wandering through the woods as if possessed, and it turns out she had started acting that way after her father gave her a random stone. When she randomly takes off, Noobrious has to find her. She passes out and little fairy things escape from her stone.

Suddenly another girl disappears, Arcelia, who was apparently attacked by some tiger. Luckily, she’s fine, and the Tiger is actually protecting her. It turns out that a jealous Ingrid (the exorcist) attacked her and used a soul syphon to take her soul. Ingrid flees, but is saved by Nooborious. Embarrassed by her behaviour, Ingrid releases the soul and is quickly forgiven.




Days later, after a few more people disappear in the woods, Arcelia tells Nooborious that she believes that they should go to the summit of Mt. Kamihr to talk to a dragon there.


The dragon’s name is Sajj’aka, who explains that seals on the pass are beginning to awaken, and that “Hades” will return.


Our heroes try to get a new world tree sapling to plant in the labyrinth that holds Hades, and after some annoying quests with some dragon scales and the search for Leafallia, the tree is successfully planted.


After some more chaos in Adoulin, with a major leader who went missing now dead, the Rala Waterways are disrupted and the seal to King August’s grave was destroyed.


Unfortunately this guarantees two things. First, Hades will return. And Second, this fucking asshole Balamore (who seems like Hades right-hand-man) shows up like a more twisted Kefka, who you fight to get information about Hades from.




So the monsters have increased (FF1), noxious gasses are seeping out of the forests, and now our heroes must go to the depths of Adoulin to stop Hades.


Teodore, who came from Hades’s world challenges Noobriousious to a fight, looses, and reveals that Hades and him came from another world where Hades was able to use his lust for power to basically become a god, before being sealed in Adoulin.


After a fight with some crazy people popping in and out of different dimensions, our heroes defeat Hades, and Arcelia takes the throne of Adoulin.




Since seekers of Adoulin, FInal Fantasy XI began experiencing some serious nerfing, which was meant to get in new players for the game, and allowed it to compete more with casual MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft. Unfortunately, this had the unintended consequence of making people who were especially fond of the challenge aspect of 11 leave the game and complain to us about the changes to the game on Twitch.


For a few years, players thought that Seekers would be the final expansion, but a partial expansion, one that concludes the FF11 saga would soon come in the form of Rhapsodies of Vanadiel.

REMIX: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJiKGP9HYHQ&index=2&list=PL9e0-I9ArbZAV-vvdK-KFN2-Q5zgIGrLV

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