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Development History: Dirge of Cerberus was born during the development of Advent Children. It was part of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, along with Before Crisis, and Crisis Core. Yoshinori Kitase had decided that Dirge of Cerberus would be a shooter, based on his love for the series. They threw in some role-playing elements, due to the lack of appeal for a pure action game among developers.


Square chose Vincent due to the possibilities for expanding his backstory, which we all know was very limited in Final Fantasy VII. Before the team started working on Dirge of Cerberus, they considered using other gun toting characters from Final Fantasy, such as Barret Wallace, Irvine Kinneas or Yuna from X-2.. I feel like we all dodged a bullet there. They eventually settled on Vincent, once they solidified the expansion of the Final Fantasy VII universe.


Dirge of Cerberus was anounced in September of 2004, and was scheduled for release in Japan in 2005. The game originally had an online version, but they removed the multiplayer support due to the popularity of PLayOnline, and a lack of PS2 HDD support. The missions that were originally part of the multiplayer mode were turned into secret unlockable missions in our version of the game. There was also an EASY MODE available in Japan that was removed. The game was released on January 26th 2008 in Japan, and August 15th, 2006 in North America. It has sold around 1.5 million copies worldwide, and has a 57% on Metacritic.



Dirge starts out with Vincent and Yuffie helping to evacuate Midgar, just before it is destroyed by Meteor. We find Hojo unconscious over the controls, stuff blows up, and we move three years in the future where Vincent is chilling in Kalm. Kalm is attacked, and we meet up with Reeve, who is now part of the World Regenesis Organization, whose main goal is recovery after the events of FF VII. The unknown enemies capture and kill some citizens.


We later learn that the people who attacked Kalm are part of a covert Shinra organization called Deepground. These are, once again, genetically altered soldiers. Vincent finds out that he’s on their chopping block, due to the Protomateria that he carries within himself. He uses this materia to control the Chaos within. Deepground wants the materia to control Omega. Chaos is described as “Omega’s squire to the heavens.” The Chaos gene was injected into Vincent thirty years prior, by Lucrecia Crescent, a research assistant to Hojo. Vincent had the hots for this one.


Searching for more info, Vincent goes to Nibelheim, where Lucrecia studied Omega and Chaos. While checking out the manor, Vincent get’s jumped by Rosso, a super hot ruskie chick that rips the Protomateria out of Vincent’s chest. She is a member of Deepground, but is in an elite group called the Tsviets. Weiss is the leader, then Nero, Shelke, and Azul are also members. She would have given him a “happy ending”, but Yuffie came in and saved him last minute. The two return to the WRO headquarters and find that Deepthroat has launched an assault on the base. The WRO end up capturing Shelke, a member of Deepthroat that is synaptically connected to Lucrecia’s memories, which will allow the WRO to complete the research on Omega. Shelkes sister Shalua Rui, high ranking scientist and catastrophic money shot survivor, discovers that Omega is a WEAPON. Omega is supposed to absorb the Lifestream and move to another planet, leaving everyone and everything behind to die. Deepthroat’s endgame is to kill a bunch of people in order to trick the planet into activating Omega early.

Vincent and the Dubya Arr Oh attack the Deepground headquarters in Midgar. Reeve and friends battle soldiers and attempt to destroy the Mako reactors, currently feeding Omega, Vincent dives straight into the heart of enemy territory to battle Weiss. He finds Weiss dead, but as Omega stirs, so does Weiss. We then find out that Weiss is being possessed by Hojo, who uploaded his consciousness into the Worldwide Network, and then took possession of Weiss' body while he was attempting to find a cure for a virus. Nero, an enemy fought earlier in the game, emerges from the Lifestream and destroys Hojo. He then “merges” with his brother to fuse with Omega. Vincent then transforms into Chaos to destroy Omega Weiss. Shelke finds more info on Lucrecia’s Protomateria, and Vincent takes on Omega. Omega sprouts Lifestream wings and tries to leave the planet, but Vincent destroys it. He’s seen alter visiting the tomb of Lucrecia, stating that Chaos and Omega have returned to the planet.










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