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Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light, known as Final Fantasy Gaiden in Japan, is a Role Playing Game developed by Matrix Software and published by Square Enix on October 29, 2009 in Japan, and October 5th, 2010 in the States. You may remember Matrix Software from their IOS ports of Final Fantasy II, IV, V, VI,  After Years, and even Dragon Quest V. This is the second Final Fantasy game to wield the Gaiden, or spinoff title, in Japan; The other being the aforereviewed Final Fantasy Adventure. The game’s directors were Takashi Tokita and Hiroaki Yabuta. Tokita you may remember as the director of Chrono Trigger and Parasite Eve. He also worked as lead designer for Final Fantasy IV. The game was produced by Tomoya Asano, the lead artist was Akihiko Yoshida; Yoshida worked on background art and main character design for the Ivalice games, where Mizuta worked on FFXI with Uematsu, and that god awful Parasite Eve 2. The development team had begun to consider a sequel to this game, and that’s why we’re going to play Bravely Default; which is what that “sequel” eventually became. The entire game was meant to be a throwback to the original titles in the Final Fantasy series, and you can definitely tell. The game featured an interesting storybook style art design, similar to Chocobo’s Tales, and also features a pretty bitchin version of the job system from FF III and V. The development team looked to DQ games, and other popular NES era RPG’s for inspiration as well as previous FF titles.



The game starts out in the city of Horne with our main hero Brandt. Brandt is presenting himself to the king to enter manhood, and discovers that the Princess, Aire, has been taken by the Witch of the North, named Louhi. Along the way, Brandt meets up with his moody friend Jusqua and the princess’ personal bodyguard, and savior of us all, Yunita. Together they journey to the witche’s house, and eventually slay Louhi. When we trudge back to Horne, we find that the entire town has been turned to stone by some curse, and the king is missing. This is when our little fellowshiop breaks for the time being. Brandt and Yunita try to restore Horne’s villagers, while Jusqua and Aire flee to Liberte, a seafaring town. Brandt and Yunita meet a fellow named Krinjh in a nearby desert, who leads them to the magic kingdom of Guera. The King of Guera asks them to deal with the fucking Sandman, since Spiderman is busy, and you agree. But of course, he annihalates you, because you need water spells and the LEADER ORDERS A FUCKING FREEZE ON WATER SPELL SALES! Anyway, you win the fight, but the sand creature is revealed to be Araidne, who Krinjh runs away with. Aire meets up with a fairy named Lilibelle, and gets turned into a cat. Aire leaves Jusqua’s grumpy ass behind, and finds Brandt, who also left Yunita behind for some reason… Anyway, they head to Arbor forest, where the Queen of the forest turns Brandt into a plant, because she doesn’t trust humans after the events of Ferngully 1, and dare I say 2. Aire then teams up with a mouse named Tortehhhh to find an Animal Staff in order to turn Brandt into a dog, thus making him more trustworthy. But before we get this taken care of, we must defeat Arbaroc; the guardian of Arbor. We knock him out, and the Queen of Arbor turns the Animal Staff into the Transformation Staff, which allows us to go transspecial with a mere three menu clicks. We then first learn of Rolan, who searches for the Dark Towe…. Wait, no. He’s just a dude from Spelvia who may know how to help Horne. The two animals Aire and Brandt climb the great tree of the arbor and leap to the super FF-esque floating island of Spelvia, but Aire is the only one who makes it across. Jusqua finds a regular cat, who he mistakes for Aire somehow, and travels to Urbeth; finding Yunita and a sorcerer who claims to be able to lift the curse from “Aire”. We earn some dough by completing some quests for the locals, and then we find out that the dirty sorcerer was nothing more than a con artist, who promptly escapes to the six teraflop city of Invidia. Jusqua leaves warrior princess Yunita behind and pursues the sorcerer on a boat. He’s soon reunited with Brandt, and learns that Aire was with him the whole time. When our two heroes arrive in Invidia, they meet up with a girl named Rekoteh who helps them get the dragon harp, which allows the party to summon a dragon to fly to Spelvia. Yunita has climbed the tower to the Sky to reach the town, and meets up with Aire as they arrive. We then visit Rolan, who also dislikes humans, and has locked himself away in solitude. Then we get a sweet sequence where Yunita and Aire travel into Rolan’s unconcious mind with the help of the Witch of the Sky to destroy the monsters controlling him. This, however, causes Rolan to ulneash the darkness that was locked away inside him, and warp the very fabric of reality. Ardyn, anyone?? At this point, the heroes search for the Weapons of Light to save the world from the Dark Lord that the ancient hero Rolan defeated and sealed away. In the kingdom of Guera’s past, Krinj is a servant of their past king, who turns out to be Asmodeus, or as Joe and I call him, Assdemon, the demon of lust; and he lusts after your juicy asscheeks, to be sure. Yunita prevents his evil plans from being completed by using the Merkmal, or Merkin, to reveal his true identity, and then the group fights him, gets fucking wrecked, and darkness wins the day. 40 times. Until eventually he doesn’t fuck you over instantly, and you defeat him. Krinjh then rewards you with the Shield of Light, which I actually didn’t take at first, which led me to be lost for about three hours last night. Krinjh eventually becomes king, and makes peace with the nearby nations. In Liberte’s past, and artist is looking to create the most beautiful piece of art ever, and wants to incorporate Lillibelle into it. A bunch of pirates steal the work, and we find out they were being possessed. ONce we free them, we awaken Cetus, an ancient whale, and use him to defeat Leviathan, the demon of envy. Urubeth was once a city of faith, but a recent plague turned it into a commerce town. Thazund, one of the high merchants of the town, has a daughter who has fallen ill to the plague. Jusqua is determined to prevent this, and finds a cure, but we also find out that the town apothecary is causing the plague, and selling the medicine at an absurdly high markup. We reveal him to be Beelzebub, the demon of Gluttony, and rip him apart. For our good deeds, Thauzand gives us the Cape of Light, and Urbeth becomes balanced between commerce, and faith. We then move to Arbor. Torte, once a human rather than the rat we know him as, releases Belphegor, the demon of sloth, or ass to ass, in order to obtain the super OP spell Lux. His punishment is being turned into a mouse, and he is the catalyst for the Arbor Queen’s distaste towards humans. Belphagor attempts to posses Aebaroc to destroy Arbor. Originally, Belphagor wins, but our time warp intervention prevents it. But not before he fucks you over, and over, and over, and over again. With Belfaggot dead, we receive the spell Lux; and my god is it useful. Now we turn to Invidia, home of the Ruskies. We help the daughter of Rekoteh, and journey to the Sun Temple to defeat Mammon, the demon of greed. Once we return to the village, spring finally arrives, and we are awarded with the Armor of Light. We also visit Spelvia in the past, and save Rolan from the darkness. We dive into his soul, and defeat Lucifer himfuckingself, the demon of pride, and free Rolan’s soul. He awards us with the Sword of Light. We finally make it back to Horne, who is suffering a drought. This extreme situation called for extreme measures, and the town voted to ask the witch Louhi for help. This is also, oddly, the day of Aire’s birth. Her father agrees to give her away to break the seal on the legendary black magic. Our defiance of the deal by saving Aire, and killing Louhi, caused the curse in the first place.We eventually use the lamp of truth to question the shitlord king of this place, and find out that he’s Satan, demon of wrath. Brandt’s parrot shows up, and reveals himself as the actual mayor. This is when we find out that we were played in the beginning, and serving evil. The king thanks us, and gives us the overpowered black magic Desolator. Once our for heroe’s have the weapons of light, they use Cletus to enter the Dark World, and not the one from that crap Thor movie, either. We, of fucking course, lose all of our jobs, and have to earn them back by defeating all the douche bosses that the game offered; first and foremost are Assdemon and Belfaggot. This is a very similar idea to FFVIII’s final dungeon, tbh. We then face off against Chaos, who shatters our job creating crystal, and still loses to us. But again, not after making me spend hour after hour journeying to fight him again and again. We then embark on our world tour, returning the sacred weapons. Everything is good to go, and we finally return home.

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