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We've done it! Final Fantasy XI is over, and we have three small scenarios to talk about. Special thank you to Mog's Mixtape for the remix!

Shantoto Ascension

SHantotto starts beign up to no good and trys to open up a new dimension as an experiment, but she makes a mistake in her calculations and a giant explosion goes off.

Enter Domina Shantotto. She's like the evil half of shantotto, who brings along Tarutaru clones to take over Vanadiel.

Forming a new Shantotto empire, Nooborious is sent on a quest to power up 6 protocrystals accross the land. After the quest he's sent to assassinate Aldo. After a fight with Aldo, Nooborious explains the situation and Aldo gets to work.

They find out Shantotto is being held in Ro'Mave, and when they reach her find her to be an unusually kind Shantotto. Appearently in the accident Shantotto was split in two. One being the nice shantotto and the other being Domina.

Much like Agent Smith, Domina Shantotto's next move is to make everyone in Vanadiel her clone. Even after Nooborious defeats her, she lets out the curse. What happens then makes little sense, but the real Shantotto comes back after going to an alternate Vanadiel, and the two become huge Kaiju Shantottos and have an epic fight, which results in the real Shantotto lifting the curse.


A Moogle Kupo D'etat

The adventurer's moogle (the one in Nooborious's Moogle house) runs into some moogle mafia troubles when he's informed that he's been kicked out of the Mog House Management Union. Following an investigation, Mog gets trapped in a rent-a-room in Jueno, and Nooborious has to get ingredients together to give to Shantotto in order to free him.

Dom Kupeliaure, the Moogle "Union" boss, informs Moogle that he has to pay a large fee. Desperate, Mog asks Nooborious to find his "secret savings". But even that turns out not to be enough money, due to some bullshit interrest.

It gets even worse when they kidnap his girlfreind for ransom (which makes Moogle loose his property to goblins), and when a cat burgler, Nanaa Mihgo, is sent to "teach him a lesson", Nooborious has to swoop in to protect him.

Moogle at last is once again decieved when he is invited to Castle Zvahl to be taken care of. It turns out another Moogle named Riko is in on a scheme with Dom to bulldose the moogle properties to make way for luxury apartments. Nooborious fights his way through the entanglement, defeating Riko and his henchmen, and knocking an evil gem from Dom's belly that was appearently making him do bad things.

Moogle goes home, and all is well.


A Crystaline Prophecy

When a giant Crystal randomly appears in the sky over Vanadiel everyone begins to hear the song of legend. When is subsequently dissapears though, only Aldo, Verena, and Nooborious have any rememberence of the event at all.

Suddenly a young boy named aldo (yes, the same name as the other aldo) freezes time and informs Nooborious that the crystal has chosen him for something, and Nooborious then sets off to gather a bunch of shit to the crystal at Quifim island.

It turns out that the Crystal is really there to destroy the world with its song and is growing more and more powerful. The real Aldo, Big Aldo finds out that there's a counter-verse that can be sung (still don't know if figurative or litteral), that can make the crystal lose its power.

Fucking with the will of the crystal pissess off some orthodox Mandragoras, and you have to fight them off.

So it turns out that Young Aldo is the son of Big Aldo's sister, Emiline (the girl in the openning video), and Aldo is hell-bent on saving her from the ill-will of the Crystal.

Nooborious and Big Aldo go on a quest to find her, and the siblings are momentarily reunited, but all is not as it seems. Soon Emiline dissapears due to the seed crystal, and Young Aldo informs them that he and his mother were both dreams by Emiline so powerful they that appeared to be real....... Anyway, Nooborious and Aldo have to go up Delfucks tower, gather the necessary Seed Crystal peices, and then stop the Seed Crystal once and for all.

In the end it turns out that despite the visions of people he witnessed, the real Emiline is alive and will somwhere in Vanadiel, going by the name Mathilde. And that's good enough for him.



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